A Visitor for Bear


Illustrated by Kady McDonald Denton
Candlewick Press, 2008
Early reader format

When a friendly mouse knocks at his door, Bear sternly points to the “No Visitors Allowed” sign. Returning to his breakfast preparations, he opens the cupboard only to find the mouse tucked inside a bowl. “Perhaps we could have just a spot of tea,” the ever-hopeful guest suggests, but he is again shown the door. Despite boarding the windows shut, stopping up the chimney, and plugging the bathtub drain, the persistent rodent keeps reappearing. Finally Bear admits defeat, “I am undone,” and agrees to set out a snack. Much to his surprise, Bear enjoys the company and shares jokes and demonstrates a talent at headstands. The visit prompts him to reconsider his sign: “That’s for salesmen. Not for friends.” Denton’s softly hued watercolor illustrations capture the humorous interplay between the unlikely companions. The fastidious, pot-bellied bear wears a tiny apron while the wee mouse with a big personality peeks out of such unlikely places as an egg carton.

Good News for Bear!