"… Bear and Mouse are a perfect comedic mixture." ~ Kirkus Reviews

The Magical Ms. Plum

Illustrated by Amy Portnoy Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2010 Ages: 8-12  Everybody wants to be in Ms. Plum’s class. It’s not just that she teaches the usual things in unusual ways. There’s something more, something about Ms. Plum herself—and her mysterious supply closet. Whenever she asks her students to get her an eraser or a […]
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Bonny Becker

My dad was a respected small-town doctor, who dreamed of dancing like Fred Astaire and drove a motorcycle to his rounds in the dead of winter bundled in a huge parka. My mom urged us up narrow mountain roads and out to empty deserts in search of rare birds, and happily managed to read just […]
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