Good News!

I’m thrilled that my book “The Christmas Crocodile” has been reissued. Many parents have told me it’s become a holiday tradition to read this book to their children. It is illustrated by David Small, winner of the Caldecott Honor. I’m happy it’s also one of Nancy Pearl’s rediscovered books. Pearl, a former librarian, is an influential book commentator and personality on several radio shows. She’s widely known as an authority on literature and people flock to her book suggestions. She has luckily included Christmas Crocodile on her list of favorite out-of-print books to share with her readers.  

Christmas Crocodile is a fun book that I think every family can relate to in some way – even if they don’t get a crocodile for Christmas!

When Alice Jayne finds a crocodile under the tree on Christmas Eve, her family goes into an uproar! The Christmas Crocodile doesn’t mean to be bad, not really, but soon he is eating up Christmas—from the dinner roast to the left stove-top burner…even the Christmas tree! Everyone has an opinion about what to do with him. Uncle Theodore suggests they send him to Africa, Father recommends the zoo, and Aunt Figgy mentions an orphanage. But Alice Jayne thinks the Christmas Crocodile deserves a real family. Can she find him a new home? And will she and the family survive till Christmas morning, with that naughty crocodile gobbling up everything in sight?


Cloud Country 

Sitting there, among the clouds, looking down and day dreaming is… a little cloudlet. Gale would like nothing more than to make one real cloud shape. But instead, she creates something different. Wait until all of Cloud Country finds out!  “Cloud Country” will be released September 2015. It’s a collaboration with Pixar artist Noah Klocek.

cloud country cover


Upcoming Events

I’m excited to be offering an intensive picture book workshop at the Idaho Conference on Youth and Children’s Literature and Writing, April 21-22, 2017 in Boise, Idaho. If you want to find out more about the event click on the link HERE